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The inspiration for Promenade Neuf’s interior design was inspired by the earthy tones and unique textures and colours surrounding of the Petitcodiac River, truly bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors into the building’s interior.


Promenade Neuf’s interior design takes from various modern designs to create a luxurious, modern place with industrial-style black fixtures and lighting, cozy fireplaces, sleek black furniture, high ceilings, and open concepts. Suites feature marble surfaces, quartz countertops, porcelain floor tiles, and premium flooring and fittings all throughout. Advanced climate control features also help you breathe easier and create quiet, comfortable living spaces.

River Side Suites

3 bedroom and 2 bath

1,645 ft2

Suite Style C

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,468 ft2

Suite Style A1

1 bedroom and 2 bath

1,227 ft2

Suite Style D

City Side Suites

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,564 ft2

Suite Style A2

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,477 ft2

Suite Style A3

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,518 ft2

Suite Style A4

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,321 ft2

Suite Style B1

Available now.  7th floor, City View 

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,345 ft2

Suite Style B2

2 bedroom and 2 bath

1,282 ft2

Suite Syle E1

2+1 bedroom and 2 bath

1,890 ft2

Suite Style E2

1 bedroom and 1 bath

951 ft2

Suite Style F

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